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    Arduboy game system: code and play

    85 USD per month (The cost of the all course is 510 USD)





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    Course information

    Remember such famous game consoles like Brick game, Nintendo gameboy and others? In this course, you will learn to “create” games for your own portable game console arduboy.

    In this course, we will teach you how to make games for the Arduboy. Arduboy is an Arduino based miniature game system the size of a credit card, which you can take on a trip.

    The code will be written in C++ (Arduino IDE) using the Arduboy2.h library. This library contains ready-made solutions: functions and objects that will simplify the development of projects.

    We will make games such as: ping-pong, asteroid shooter, dinosaur arcade and others.


    C++ data types, C++ loops, C++ functions, Arduboy2 library, ArduboyTones library, ArduboyPlaytune library, ArdBitmap library, ArdVoice library, ATMlib library


    Mac, Linux or Windows PC, a microphone, internet access and a Micro-USB Cable


    Arduboy game console

    Arduboy is an open source hardware and software project, a ready-made library of more than 100 games, where you can find inspiration for your own project.

    The Arduboy game system is based on the well-known Arduino board, it has the same Atmega32u4 microcontroller installed in it.

    Special libraries that contain objects, functions and methods will simplify games development on these systems: Arduboy2, ArduboyTones, ArduboyPlaytune, ArdBitmap, ArdVoice, ATMlib and others.

    We will also use web simulator for debugging the code before uploading it to the device.

    Note. Arduboy is included in the course price. We will deliver it to you by mail. You will also practice coding and playing games in a web simulator.
    2 AA batteries are required.

    Our technical support will help you install all the necessary software on your PC or solve technical difficulties remotely.


    Course curriculum

    Lesson 1 Hello world, Arduboy! (the first step in programming ARDUBOY). The loop. Conditions. Displaying numbers. Reading buttons. The game “Who’s bigger?”
    Lesson 2 Creating a meteor shower. We add scoring, counting number of character lives.
    Lesson 3 Variables in games. Game development basis. The first difficulties. The game “Task for Sherlock”.
    Lesson 4 Variables in games. Game development basis. The first difficulties. The game “Task for Sherlock”.

    The number of actual lessons may differ from the number of lessons in the course.